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You can donate by the following methods:

Be a valued sponsor

GOLD: A simple monthly contribution of only 499 Dkr. secures a full sponsorship of an orphan child – including the child’s accommodation, education, food and recreation.

SILVER: Covering a child’s food expenses can be done for a simple amount of only 199 Dkr. monthly

BASIC:  Secures an orphan child’s education for only 149 Dkr. monthly

Voluntary amount: Make an impact even by giving. Decide yourself how much you will donate monthly.

(Due to exchange rate alterations and increased prices for food, above prices are effective from 20. april 2021)

By filling in the form below, we will register you as a valued monthly sponsor by the use of Betalings Service (PBS).
Sweet Homes International will send you a Girokort with the information needed, so that you can use this to get  the amount deducted from your bank account every month. Thank you!

MAke a donation

Your generosity makes our work possible and brings smile on the faces of children.
At whatever time of a day – You can always make a quick single-standing donation by
mobilepay 270564

Bank transfer

Immediate and conveniently done from a computer sending to Sweet Homes account at
Danske Bank
reg. no: 9570
Account no: 12895577

Easy contribution with paypal or paymentcards

Click the link


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Join our efforts!

We urge everyone to join our efforts and responsibly work with Sweet Homes on this tremendous and rewarding effort to secure the wellbeing of orphan children.

Be part of the team by calling us at; +45 60 786 086 or e-mail,